Dear West Seattle and South Park Voters and Friends:

I'm Lisa Herbold and I'm running for Seattle City Council in 2019. In 2015, my campaign was about the issues that can make Seattle a leader in the renaissance in urban governance that is growing in the United States.  I want to keep bringing the voice of West Seattle and South Park to City government to lead the way for our nation. With an administration in DC that is focused on sending us backwards, cities are increasingly where the action is. Cities are leading the way.

The start of my 2015 campaign feels like yesterday but though almost 4 years have passed, I’m proud of the role you and I have played in ensuring that Seattle continues to be a leader. I’m writing today to tell you that I hope to continue as your District 1 City Councilmember so that we can keep striving forward with people-powered progress.

The charter measure to elect City Councilmembers by districts inspired me to run to represent West Seattle and South Park in City Hall.  District representation has also helped me be accountable to you and that accountability has guided me to become a strong advocate for the communities in District 1. I know that I work for you.

You helped me develop my campaign platform in the 2015 campaign. As part of holding myself accountable, I have reviewed the campaign issues that I promoted in 2015, the issues that you voted for me to accomplish to put Seattle at the forefront nationally in implementing progressive, innovative urban policies.

2015 CAMPAIGN PROMISES FULFILLED (see link for issues that I wrote about in 2015, and have passed legislation to fulfill those campaign promises.)

2015 CAMPAIGN PROMISES – MORE TO DO! (see link for issues that I wrote about during the 2015 campaign for an update about what's been done to-date and what we have left to fulfill those promises.)

OTHER ACCOMPLISHMENTS (see link for a list of issues I've fought for and achieved real progress on since 2015.)

AND IMPORTANTLY THERE IS ALL OF THE DISTRICT 1 SPECIFIC WORK I’VE CHAMPIONED (see link for all issues related specifically to District 1 that I've worked on over the last three years.)

I believe the very best investment that Seattle can make in our city’s future is an investment in our people. Investing in people is progressive, innovative, “cutting edge,” and is guaranteed to provide a positive return for our city as any other kind of investment we could make. If I am re-elected to the City Council, I will continue to invest in us, our youth, housing, our culture, our small businesses, public safety and criminal justice reform, mass transit, civil rights, and our environment.

I get the potholes fixed and do the constituent work too! You can find proof of that work here.

Please consider supporting my campaign for a Seattle that works for all of us in one of 3 ways:

Lisa Herbold