UPDATE 9/12/19

How can you tell a campaign is truly people-powered?  Certainly, Democracy Vouchers are key!  I’m truly honored that this campaign has “maxed out” on Democracy Vouchers.  That means we’ve received the maximum number of vouchers we are allowed to accept.  There are lots of fantastic candidates out there, and if you haven’t already, I hope you’ll assign your Democracy Vouchers to them.  Thank you to everyone who gave yours to this campaign.

If you'd still like to support this people-powered campaign, please consider making a contribution.  We'll put it to work taking our message directly to District 1 voters.





I have now submitted sufficient signatures and $10 donations to qualify for the Democracy Vouchers Program. I’m so grateful to folks who contributed, as well as the volunteers that helped me collect the necessary signatures and donations. You can now support our campaign with your Democracy Vouchers. 

You should have already received your vouchers in an envelope from the City of Seattle that looks like this.

Democracy Vouchers are your opportunity to support local Seattle campaigns at no cost to you.  You do not need to live in my district in order to support me with your Democracy Vouchers and you can donate up to 4 vouchers.

As a Democracy Vouchers candidate I agree to smaller campaign contribution limits and that means our campaign doesn’t rely on big donations from deep-pocketed contributors who want to influence our elections to serve their interests.  Democracy Vouchers let more people participate in our democracy. In 2017 Democracy Vouchers Increased the number of Seattle contributors by 300%. People who are not registered to vote, don’t have a permanent address, or are a lawful permanent resident ("green card holder") can apply to get their democracy vouchers here. If you did not receive or need replacement vouchers, go here.

Please support our grassroots campaign by signing and mailing your Democracy Vouchers to:

Democracy Voucher Program
P.O. Box 35196
Seattle, WA 98124-5196

For more information about how to donate your Democracy Vouchers (at no cost to you), check out the city’s website.