Councilmember Lisa Herbold has been a Highland Park resident for 19 years and Seattle resident for 27 years. She served as Councilmember Nick Licata's Legislative Aide, since coordinating his 1997 campaign. Lisa was elected to the City Council in 2015 and serves District 1, West Seattle and South Park.

Before her public service at Seattle City Hall, Lisa worked in a capacity always focused on her community’s greatest needs. From Syracuse to Chicago to Seattle, as a Canvas Director, a staffer at a homeless persons’ shelter, an Executive Assistant for a low income housing developer, a Neighborhood Organizer, and a Tenant Organizer; Lisa has always invested her time empowering working class communities to speak truth to power.

On the Council, Lisa has worked on issues of access, equity, and a commitment to a shared quality-of-life. She's helped craft and pass public policy that includes Paid Sick Leave, Secure Scheduling for workers at large retail and food service establishments, a Rental Housing Inspection Program, legislation that prevents source of income discrimination against renters, $29 million housing bond for affordable housing, an acclaimed criminal justice diversion program, a police Observers' Bill of Rights, and a new civil legal aid program to help keep people from losing housing, public benefits, driver’s licenses, professional licenses, and addressing other civil issues that arise in the course of a legal defense for an unrelated charge. Each of these are model public policy examples and many are being replicated in jurisdictions across the country.

As a community member and advocate, Lisa has served on the boards of Neighborhood House, Homestead Community Land Trust, the Tenants Union, and the Young Adult Independent Living Project. Lisa has a daughter with a family of her own, and is a happy Omi (German for "granny") to her granddaughter and grandson, as well as stepmom to her husband Bob's two girls.